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Let us know what you think of the Violin Wise program and blog. Have questions? We will answer as soon as we can.

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12 thoughts on “Post a Question or Comment

  1. Peggy White

    Much relieved to report that Jim has arrived safely in Chennai, bone weary but sounding great. Kudos to awesome Cathay Pacific Airlines who didn’t charge him for considerable baggage overweight in tools, wood, fiddles etc that he schlepped with him. He’ll spend the first week before Alex arrives and “school” starts to reel in the final tools and supplies and work out some of the “start up” kinks. Completely and utterly fearless, I tell you. But then we all knew that…

  2. Padma Mohan

    Jim/Alex, Great to hear your safe arrival in Chennai and that you are in good spirits. You’ll be in good hands in the company of Krishnan and VIji! Good Luck to all of you, I am sure the project will be a great success!
    Padma & Mohan

  3. Ingrid Schmitz

    Jim, Have you ever thought about being a writer :)??? Seriously. Miss u in the ocean. Take care of Alex!


  4. Peggy

    Alert! Alert! They’ve posted some really great photos in the “Gallery.” Now we can see what they’ve really been up to. A lot of fun, for sure!
    And…that’s some mighty excellent blogging by the legendary, loquacious luthier himself. Great job, Jim and Alex! Do you guys ever sleep?

  5. Pat

    The gallery worked fine for me. I found by scrolling down below the photos…they can be enlarged.
    Really enjoyed the gallery!!!!

  6. Jim Wimmer Post author

    Hey Alex
    I really enjoyed your Good Cop Bad Cop blog. Now I know why I always try to do my best work when you are around! As they say in German (translated): Always work in such a manner, as if a skilled colleague in the trade were standing next to you.


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