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As Seen on Youtube

Surprised to find out that we were featured in a short film during our time in Varanasi.  It’s a beautiful documentary of the Ganges River.


This one’s a little trickier.  Can you find Jim Wimmer in this Listerine commercial?  Also shot in Varanasi.


Concert in Kerala- “Dance with the Fiddle”

1499555_569050799837069_14408163_nFiddle Duet, our concert in Edappally, Kerala last week, was a big success.  We played traditional tunes from America, Sweden, Ireland, and Mexico.  The flyer reads something along the lines of, “A very different kind of performance, from fiddlers Mr. James Wimmer and Ms. Alexandra Armanino.”


Thank you to our friend Swami Ananda Nadayogi for arranging the concert, and to our friends at Changampuzha Samskarika Kendram Park for managing and providing the venue.


Here’s the opening number, a Swedish walking tune from Nils Olof Soderback.

Abhishek Maharaj and Friends

Abhishek Maharaj, a talented musician and member of the Maharaj Trio, gave us and other passers by a wonderful, impromptu concert in the music shop where he teaches in Varanasi.  In the first video, he is playing sitar with his friend on the tabla.  The later video captures another of his friends who is a boatman by trade and a beautiful singer.  How fortunate that he happened to be walking through and stopped in the shop!  The music shop quickly filled up with tourists and interested neighboring shop owners.

Closing Ceremony

On the final day, a graduation day of sorts, we wanted to give the students a grand send off while also appeasing to their request for an encore.  So, we led everyone to their graduation ceremony with our favorite Swedish march, Trollens Brudmarsch.