Fun in the Workshop

A typical day in the workshop…


1 thought on “Fun in the Workshop

  1. Susanne and Benjamin Sawyer

    Hey Jim and Alex–

    Not being proficient at bloggery, I am not certain that this comment will reach you, but will try. Wonderful Peggy helped to blog us up and up to speed with the most special activity you are doing in India, and I have fully been loving it, not to mention redirecting the blog to several other string instrument lovers. Every word has been read and all of your groovy videos watched. You are doing a great service to musicians and music; stretching the concept it can even be valued as part of the new (or ancient but re-emerging) “sharing economy.” The skills you are imparting will resonate long into the future–in a sense like planting a tree to give fruit to following generations. To me that is living a life of substance–the polar opposite of the shallowness of the dark new American reality of “Black Friday,” the day of consumer frenzy just past over here that parades in the spirit of Jesus in terms of gift acquisition at all costs.

    There is nothing like expanding oneself with taking on new and loved skills, as well as the risks and discipline involved, is there? Those apprentices are obviously experiencing that, and the righteous pride that comes of it. It raises the game.

    So, a bow to you from us in respect, and we look forward to “hanging out” with you in person down the road and hearing more from the lutheric “horses mouths.” Meanwhile, all blogs remaining are looked forward to.

    Back home, where a fine and cleansing rain just passed through, all the plants doing the happiness boogie as a result–


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