Crowd Control, Cowboy Style

On the first day of class, somewhere in my deep past now, I tried in vain to get the aforementioned pandemonium to pipe down by  raising my voice and saying something feeble like “OK class, let’s pay attention, please.”  Abject failure was the result and we really did need to get down to some serious philosophy about violin repair aesthetics.  As the noise levels rose in direct relationship to my desperation levels, I had no choice other than resorting to my yodeling skills and let a really good, ear splitting one rip through the din.  Everybody stopped dead in their tracks, stunned…not one of them had ever in their lives heard good ol’ cowboy yodeling.  “Why, I can divert a wild buffalo herd stampede, connect with my friends across a mile of open ocean with that one,” I brag.  Krishna gently passed me a nice Tibetan bell with a dorje handle and asked if I wouldn’t kindly please ring it instead.  “They will recognize the bell from their school days and it will work well…”  Indeed, it does.

Recently, I rang the bell to announce that it was time for our tea break, and Sangeetha, a fine musician in her own right, politely asked me if I wouldn’t please do the announcement again with my “special vocal music.”  I still save the yodeling  for special occasions and the class seems to cherish it now alongside their own ancient and venerable vedic music traditions.  I have always been made to feel included in India.  It is deeply moving.


2 thoughts on “Crowd Control, Cowboy Style

  1. Sue

    Add the fiddle and take them back to Jimmie Rodgers or Gene Autry out on the West Texax plains. Would be lovely to hear that again as long as you’re sacrificing your vocal chords after all these years of abstinence………

  2. Tejas

    Fantastic blog post as always. One small correction though. It is very likely that you were handed a Hindu bell, instead of a tibetian bell. Hindu bells are mainstays in Hindu prayer rooms. So it is likely that you were handed one, in the lalgudi house.


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