Houston, We Have Touchdown

Hip hip hooray!!!   Alex, my wonderfully humorous computer genius and all round good buddy and grand daughter ersatz, has safely arrived!  Her Tamil skills are already better than mine.  Ahh, but my nerves for the India experience are far more finely honed…

Upon arrival, our driver is piloting us out of the airport parking lot, when suddenly, Alex emits a horrible guttural moan.  I glance her way, fearing something is dreadfully wrong.  An unknown manifestation of jet lag, perchance?  She’s wide eyed in terror, arms and legs all fully extended, bracing against whatever is available in the back seat of the car, not unlike the vision we get of a cat being forced into a bath.  I hadn’t even given it a thought–she’s entering that great flow of beings, all diverse in their vehicular modes, as our driver swings into the divine flow of life known here as morning traffic.  I screech with laughter, she hides her face with both hands and looks away.  Hahahahahaha!  Wait until we have a little lesson on our first walk on how to
cross this same traffic on foot.  Soon we will both come to understand the smile of equanimity on the tranquil face of the Buddha…hahaha


1 thought on “Houston, We Have Touchdown

  1. Peggy

    Don’t worry Alex, you’ll get used to it pretty quickly, as soon as you realize that they really do know how to navigate that great flow of seeming chaos. I don’t know how they do it, but they do…


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